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The transition from provincial celebrity DJ to renowned record label founder has been rewarding in more ways than one for Houston, Texas native Michael “5000” Watts. Known primarily for his chopped and screwed Swisha House remixes, Watts has successfully turned regional mix tape distribution into a record label empire. However, Watts did not get to VIP status overnight. A mountain of diligence and unsurpassed talent catapulted this music icon in the making to mogul standing.

2005 brought about a national notoriety for Michael “5000” Watts. His company, Swisha House, celebrated with the chart topping victories of Houston hip-hop rookies turned luminaries Paul Wall (The People’s Champ, 2005) and Mike Jones (Who Is Mike Jones, 2005) as well as a number of highly acclaimed independent releases featuring a gifted mass of up and coming artists including the unforgettable The Day Hell Broke Loose: Parts 1 & 2 (1999, 2003).

“Over the past five years we worked hard on developing our fan base by releasing a steady stream of independent releases,” says the award winning founder and DJ.  “When we signed our deal with Warner Music Group through Asylum, it was that foundation that allowed us to achieve the levels of success we enjoyed with Warner Bros and Atlantic Records.” In an unprecedented power move, Watts secured venture partnerships with the aforementioned major record labels for Mike Jones and Paul Wall respectively. Despite having the push of key companies behind him, the accomplishments of Swisha House have been its ability to continue to function as a major label while still considered an independent. “It’s an experience,” Watts admits. “We’re learning a lot right now, a lot of positive things.”